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Caitlin Matthews

About Me

One of the questions many people ask me is, “how did you decide to be a chiropractor?” It is a funny story actually. I had spent five years managing a bank. I was discouraged that I wasn’t really helping people and wanted to find a career that allowed me to assist people in improving their lives. I had looked at law school or getting a teaching credential. Nothing really felt like the right move. One day my mom suggested I go see a woman that did “energy work” and was a psychic. Being a conservative bank manager I thought this was weird but thought it couldn’t hurt. Upon walking in her door the woman said to me, “you hate your job.” I wasn’t overly impressed since most people don’t like what they do. She then described the relationship I had been in for a year and was able to list the problems I was having in it. That got my attention.

At my third session with this woman she asked me if I had ever thought of going into the healthcare field. My immediate response was, “no, I don’t want to be a doctor.” She asked me to think alternatively and I came back the next time saying, “I could be a chiropractor, I think they are legitimate.” At the time I had only been to one chiropractor in my life. I had completed massage school several years before and found the body an amazing mystery and machine. Shortly after that I resigned from my “real job” and was off to graduate school.

I attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. I graduated in December, 2002 and began my practice in Ojai, California in January, 2003. I am continually amazed at what the body is able to handle and how it can compensate for so long before showing any signs of distress or disease. The longer I am in practice the more I find that our emotions affect our physical world tremendously. Once people see their pattern and understand how their body has been trying to cope with it, the body quickly and easily will correct itself, if it can. I am happy to have found my path.

I would like to recognize and thank two of my mentors that have had a profound influence on me and my work. Dr. Eve Venturi is an amazing woman and chiropractor that has taught me so much about working with people and of being in service. Dr. Paul Schaffer is an intuitive chiropractor that showed me how helping someone with their physical problems can have profound effects on many aspects of their life. I thank them both for their example and for the wisdom they have shared with me.



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