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What is chiropractic?

Your body is a visual representation of your thoughts, your feelings and your daily habits. At Matthews Chiropractic we define health as the state of mind where your body, emotions, and spirit are aligned. Dr. Matthews has the ability to read your body’s stress patterns to uncover the key to helping you feel better, living the lifestyle you desire.

Chiropractic is a gentle, non-invasive form of healthcare that focuses on calming the nervous system and removing blockages that can lead to discomfort, pain, and disease. Dr. Matthews’ focus is to help restore balance to your entire system by improving the blood and electrical circulation to your muscles, bones, and internal organs to optimal levels.

Chiropractic care is about creating a relationship with your doctor that is focused on improving your health and your life. Dr. Matthews goal is to assist you and your body into a state of balance and relaxation where everything is in alignment to allow perfect flow of all your systems. When the body is in this state the mind becomes quieter and life can be done with more ease and less effort.

By having regular chiropractic adjustments you allow your body to function at the highest level of benefit with the least amount of strain being placed on you. This results in higher levels of energy for the things you like to do, better sleep and rest, and a more positive attitude and state of mind.

What causes the body to go out of alignment?

There are several causes for mis-alignment and therefore imbalance in the body. The most obvious source is physical trauma from a car accident, breaking a bone, repetitive movements or taking a fall.

Less obvious reasons for misalignment in the body’s structure comes from our emotions and thoughts. Someone that comes in stating that “they didn’t do anything” to create the pain they feel in his/her body is usually in pain because of high stress levels. The interpretation of that stress lands in a place in the body that is associated with a specific emotion or an area that has been weakened by a previous injury. For example someone that comes in with a very sore, tight neck that just woke up with the pain most likely is angry or resentful about something or someone in their life. Usually when Dr. Matthews asks the patient if they are upset or angry with someone the patient will giggle and know exactly who it is they are allowing to be a “pain in the neck.” This is just one example of how our emotions can affect our body.

Another less obvious reason for the body to be out of balance and strain to be put onto the systems of your body come from allergies and chemical reactions to what you put into your body. Someone that comes in saying they need an “attitude adjustment” for their grumpy bone are usually expressing an allergy to either food or pollutants in the air that cause the upper neck to pull out of alignment and make people edgy, cranky, unfocused or fatigued. Figuring out what food allergies or sensitivities are responsible can alleviate a lot of physical discomfort in many areas of the body.




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