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"I've been to a number of chiropractors in my life. Caitlin stands above them all because she's a healer; very rare, very wise. I drag my body in and after some minutes, float out. She is a treasure."

~ Rheva Acevedo


"I have been seeing Caitlin Matthews for 7 years as my Chiropractor. During that time I have seen my health improve under her care. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word. She understands the whole body connection and treats the whole person, not just the spine or neck. She is constantly learning through classes and seminars to provide the best care possible to her patients. She is cares for her patients in a warm, professional office. I recommend her at every opportunity. Ojai is blessed to have such a loving, compassionate woman providing Chiropractic care."

~ T. Smith


"Some people in life are gifted to have a profession they are amazing at and Caitlin is one of those people."

~ A. Winspear


"Initially a skeptic of Caitlin's drop-in time, I have come to fully appreciate how it helps me weave a much needed adjustment into my own day or run my boys in for some care even during their school lunch hour. What a godsend!"

~ Traci David


"Caitlin is nothing short of extraordinary! Her gifted eyes see even the subtlest of mis-alignments with a quick glance at my body. Her wise hands, caring heart and magical break-away table allow for the gentlest of adjustments even when I'm in serious pain. Besides being a marvelous chiropractor, she's a delightful, radiant being!"

~ Robyn L. Posin, Ph.D


"Caitlin offers a unique, patient-centered chiropractic experience unlike any other. Integrating subtle energy healing techniques with the most up-to-date physiological information, she creates a holistic healing environment that is appropriate for all ages and conditions. She has relieved my pain and helped set me on the path to a more balanced body. She’s fantastic!"

~ T. Adams


"Caitlin can do anything. She rescues my husband and me from headaches/backaches and the usual discomforts of day to day life. One situation that I'll never forget or be able to properly thank her for is when I severely injured my right ankle in a skateboarding accident (I'm a 34 year old mother of two boys, don't even ask what I was doing on that board). I had gone to physical therapy and doctors galore, it had been weeks and I still couldn't walk and had resorted to a wheelchair around my house and was becoming very depressed and anxious. Finally I thought I'd talk with Caitlin and maybe she could point me in the right direction. She started working on my ankle and giving me exercises and completely healed me. I had no idea a chiropractor could help with such an injury, but it seems there's nothing Caitlin can't do! We LOVE her!!"

~ S. Davis


"As a recent arrival in Ojai, we were lucky to have Dr. Matthews referred to us by our bodyworker. Caitlin has done such miracles with my neck and back that I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is gentle and caring and skilled. Great combination. Thanks, Caitlin!"

~ Kenyon Taylor, RCST, AMTA


"I have been seeing Dr. Matthews for over 6 years. I have fibromyalgia, and have learned (the hard way) that it is better for me to get an adjustment in the early stages of physical discomfort than to wait until the muscle contractions spread over a wider area and cause more pain. Caitlin is highly skilled, intuitive, gentle, and able to offer many suggestions for helpful exercises I can do on my own. I always feel better after a visit - her intelligence, professionalism and humor brighten my life."

~ Priscilla Hardin


"Caitlin is a gifted healer. She’s gentle, intuitive, compassionate, and highly skilled. When anyone mentions needing a chiropractor, she’s the one I recommend!"

~ Sally Carless


"I love that you are on-time and organized. You have an amazing spirit and a warm personality. You do more that just do "one adjustment"--using the ultrasound, massage, drop table, multiple adjustments (that no one has ever tried on me before). You look to find the source of the problem--and how it is physically affecting other parts of the body. You also think it's great that you can tie someone's current life experience to the physical problems going on."

~ Kiley Hanish


"I have had structural problems since I was a teenager and have been to many body workers since then, both in the UK and the US, and I have to say that Caitlin Matthews is one of the very best I have encountered.
I have been working with Caitlin for nearly two years, and have been extremely impressed with her expertise, intelligence, sensitivity, kindness, and endless enthusiasm for improving her knowledge and skills. She also has an amazing treatment table that allows her to adjust my body almost painlessly, and her sunny nature makes the experience remarkably enjoyable! I’m happy to recommend her wholeheartedly."

~ Valerie Kampmeier, Professional Musician and Coach


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