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What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you schedule your initial visit with Dr. Matthews, be prepared to spend an hour at the office. Please be on time because Dr. Matthews tries to do the same. You will start by filling out some brief paperwork that takes no more than 10 minutes. You and Dr. Matthews will talk about your current health concerns and goals. After she has asked all her questions, and all of your questions have been answered you will begin the treatment.

Dr. Matthews will have you change into a gown the size of a large t-shirt so that she will be able to see your back. The following are different therapies that will be used during the session based on what your condition and needs are:

  • Ultrasound deep heat therapy
  • Massage for the involved muscles
  • Full spine decompression through gentle traction
  • Cranial release work for the jaw and head
  • Assisted stretching for correcting imbalanced muscular patterns
  • Complete structural alignment through gentle “invisible” adjustments
  • Exercise prescription for home care program

Based on the presentation of your body, the muscle tension, which organs are over-active and other information, Dr. Matthews assists you in putting together the pieces of the puzzle. By tying your physical actions and your life stresses she helps you to process the emotional component as well as releasing the physical issues. The extent of treatment is based on the severity of your health conditions and your body’s response to treatment. Dr. Matthews will make recommendations about follow up care and the best treatment plan for you at the end of the session.

Dr. Matthews believes that she is there to assist you in reaching your goals. Her role is to coach you through a home care program supported by chiropractic treatment as you change your body. There’s no better time than today to get started living pain free!


What to Expect in a Full Appointment

When you schedule a full appointment, plan on being at the office for 30 minutes. Be on time because Dr. Matthews tries to be on time too. It is best to wear comfortable or loose pants if possible.

After reporting your progress to Dr. Matthews, you will change into a gown for treatment. Full appointments are very similar to the intial visit. The following are different therapies that will be used during the session based on what your condition and needs are:

  • Ultrasound deep heat therapy
  • Massage for the involved muscle
  • Full spine decompression through gentle traction
  • Assisted stretching for correcting imbalanced muscular patterns
  • Cranial release work for jaw and head restrictions
  • Complete structural alignment through “invisible” adjustments
  • Review of exercise prescription for home care program, with changes and additions made as needed

Full appointments are best when you are working on clearing up a chronic problem or have an injury that is painful for you. These sessions allow Dr. Matthews time to continue to re-educate your body about the corrected posture and positioning and prescribe new home exercises specific to where you are in the healing process.

Full appointments are ideal for someone looking to do a monthly maintenance program to continue their active, pain-free lifestyle for long term improved health. Allowing yourself the time to relax and have additional therapies to improve your energy and outlook once a month is a great investment in yourself.


What to Expect at the Open Clinic*

Dr. Matthews created the open clinic to allow patients that wanted a quick tune up a convenient and affordable way to maintain their health. These sessions are 5 minutes long and include:

  • Full spinal traction
  • Complete structural alignment

These treatments are best for people that have recovered from their original injury or condition and are looking for a supportive way to keep themselves feeling good. They are also great for when someone has just done something to themselves that they know needs to checked. By coming to an open clinic the day that this happens people prevent further damage to their body and reduce the recovery time for healing.

*You must be an established patient to be eligible for this service.




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